How To Ask A Girl Date For First Time

How To Ask A Girl Date For First Time

You can get nervous while asking a girl out for the first time. Well, why wouldn’t you? After all, she may end up being your wife. But, before you think of building a future together with her, you should think about a way to ask her out on a date for the first time. Here are some steps that you should follow to ask a girl out on a date for the first time.

Be Selective

The first thing that you should keep in mind while asking a girl out on a date is that you should be selective. You should not try to ask out every other attractive girl that you see out there. It won’t work. You should try to ask out the girl that you are attracted to and avoid the other ones.

Be fun around her

A girl will never say yes to a guy who she thinks is boring. You should give her a reason to say yes to you. To begin with, you should be fun around her. Being fun doesn’t mean that you need to crack silly jokes all the time. You should behave like a guy who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. This way, she will make an image of you in her mind that she can be happy with you. Bingo! You have cleared the first stage.

Be Specific

Once she gets to know you, the next step is to ask her on an outing. You can begin by saying, ‘I’ve been meaning to go to this new bar.’ This way, if she is interested at all, she won’t say not to it. Also, even if she hasn’t said yes to a date yet, you are close to it.

Once you go out with her, give her a good time and be nice around her. Show her how you are better than the other guys. While you are coming back, ask her to meet the next weekend. If she says yes to it, you are good to go. But, it’s not over yet.

Text Her

 You can’t ignore her till the weekend. She will start losing interest in you. However, if you keep texting her, she will remember how fun you are. You should also flirt with her while texting. But don’t be creepy.

Ask her out on a date

By now, she knows how fun you are, and she is interested in you. There is no better time to ask her out. Just text her and ask her out on a date. If she enjoyed the last time with you, she would most probably say yes because she had been waiting for you to ask her out.

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